Andréa de Keijzer…

… honestly renders me speechless.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Andréa in the framework of some pretty life-altering, spirit-opening, creativity-exploring dance workshops over the past year or so.

And it’s crazy, because every new thing I learn about her just makes me admire her more and more!! Not only is Andréa an extremely talented dance artist, but she also captures the most magical moments on film. Seriously.

Emily Poirier, Sarah Fregeau and Mor Bar-Zakai in Cheltenham Badlands II -

You should check out her stuff! and

Sigh…. I’m speechless…

❤ Maddy


Andréa de Keijzer is an emerging contemporary dance artist, photographer and filmmaker currently based in Toronto. In her life and art practice she is committed to honesty, vulnerability and watching transformations. She graduated from York University in 2009 with a degree in Dance and Kinesiology and has studied photography and filmmaking independently in Toronto, Costa Rica and Mexico. She has danced works by Julia Sasso, Dave St. Pierre, Erin Merrifield, Alicia Grant, Cara Spooner, Diana Lopez and is currently apprenticing with Valerie Calam. Andréa is also collaborating with dancer and poet Erin Robinsong on a multi-disciplinary piece titled Wolves and Selves and with Montreal dance artist Ariane Boulet on Le Cerf ou Moi Qui Cede Dans L’Espace, a 20 minute dance film. Her photographic work is published monthly in the Dance Current and a collection of 22 of her large format photographs is installed at York University’s Dance Department.


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