What’s in a name?

There are two main trends that happen when the three of us get together. The first is that we always order all-day breakfast, and that we always get bacon. We all love bacon. The second is that we always end up staying way past our welcome in the restaurants we choose, we lose track of time and end up having to get (politely) kicked out. The up side is that the owners of the restaurants are always super nice, the waiters always get a nice tip, and we usually receive some free baked goods that would otherwise be thrown out because the place is closed for the day. We’ve compiled a short list of all the places we’ve been to and

  • a) gotten kicked out of
  • b) gotten free baked goods from
  • c) ordered bacon
  • d) left a giant tip
  • e) all of the above!

So originally we joked that we should be called the Bacon Collective. This was funny to us, but we figured it wouldn’t really represent anything about us as people or dancers, other than the fact that we bond over bacon. Since that fateful day at the Senator however, we’ve tried (in vain) to come up with a name that just clicks, preferably, but not limited to, names that have the initials B.C. Or something closely related.

We’ve decided on Bare Neck and Brazen.

And here’s how we got there!

We started with Bare Neck Collective. I came up with this because I have the back of my head/neck shaved, (and as of recently, so does Olivia!). We dig vulnerability, especially in dance, as an expressive tool, as an image, and in life. We generally like to be open and honest people, which often means risking vulnerability. I think it takes strength to allow yourself to be vulnerable and to keep integrity in the process. Maybe our bare necks can help remind us to be okay with that? Variations of this name included: Bare Neck Recollection, Bare Neck re: Collection

Then we had Brazen Collective. This was suggested to us by the owner of one of our clubhouses – Uncle Betty’s. Brazen means Bold and without shame. Which rocks. My only concern is that people won’t know what this word means right off the bat and/or they will hear Raisin Collective, which is very different. Variations include: Brazen, Brazen Collaboration, Brazen Core

Then as we continued to try different names on like shoes, we started to get really sick of hearing the word collective over and over again (I hate show shopping…). Bold collective, Blueprint collective, Brave collective….. So we just sort of let go of it. And then we stuck our two favourite and most representative ones together one day, and said Bare Neck and Brazenthat’s it!

So here we are! Bare neck, brazen and ready to take on whatever comes our way.


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