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Our show on September 16th was a HUGE success! Thanks to everyone who was a part of the magic that night (:

This is the official press release:


Bare Neck and Brazen presents


Emerging Artists Speaking Their Voices Together


Bare Neck and Brazen presents An Evening of Art Collaboration, a combination of dance with other art media by talented emerging artists from Toronto. Bare Neck and Brazen will perform their world premiere in tandem with a gallery showcasing work by 17 of Toronto’s most talented emerging artists. This evening will bring you a unique collection of artists in a huge variety of fields, building a lasting support network between emerging dancers, photographers, painters, illustrators, musicians, comic book artists, jewelry makers and designers. This event will be the beginning of new collaborations, projects and friendships. It’s about emerging artists speaking their voices together. An Evening of Art Collaboration happens Friday September 16th at Trinity Saint Paul’s Centre.

Bare Neck and Brazen was formed by Toronto-based dance artists Madeleine Shen, Olivia Citter and Megumi Kokuba as a platform for their dance exploration, performance and interpretation. They seek to explore their vulnerability – their bare necks – and to keep an open and honest energy to show the world. Brazen means Bold and without shame, which is what these three dance artists strive to be. Promoting open communication, support and collaboration among emerging artists in a wide variety of fields, An Evening of Art Collaboration is Bare Neck and Brazen’s first effort toward merging the dance world with other art media circles.



Featured Artists

Frank Fiorentino

Andréa de Keijzer

Anjuli Rahaman

Mishi Foltyn

Jane Lee

Lara Roberts

Nikoli Berda

Sarah Mc Manus

Richard Wong

Alessandra Herrera Bennett

Jocelyn Reynolds

Mojo Collective

Marc-David Aubé-Frenette

Bernadette O’Sullivan

Madeleine Christie

Liz Emirzian



Madeleine Shen

Olivia Citter

Megumi Kokuba





Bare Neck and Brazen presents

An Evening of Art Collaboration

Friday September 16, 2011

Gallery 7pm, Performance 8pm

Trinity St. Paul’s Centre, 427 Bloor Street West (at Spadina)

Pay What You Can at the door

Wine and food for purchase

For more information: 416-567-6060 or


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