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Videos of An Evening of Art collaboration!

We were lucky enough to have two wonderful videographers capture the magic of our show last friday! So if you’re feeling blue because you missed it, check out their videos at these links!

StasBasko: The evening at a glance

Diogenes Baena: Wesley Shen on Toy Piano

❤ Maddy


Photos by Richard Van

Best Night of my life

Thank you so much for the best night we’ve had in a really long time. You all made it so real for us by being there with your hearts and souls. We are so lucky to have such amazing people in ours lives, and we can’t wait to keep exploring the world together.

Tonight we really felt our bare necks. We hope you felt them too! Your sincere applause and deep-felt comments really made us feel bold – thank you for that.

❤ Bare Neck and Brazen

My amazing brother

I guess I’ve known Wesley Shen for about… 22 years now! We’ve had our ups and downs, as siblings do, but I am who I am today in huge part because of him. He’s one of my best friends, and I can’t imagine my life without him.

He also happens to be ridiculously smart and insanely talented. He started playing the piano when he was about 7 years old, because our older brother and I were taking piano lessons at the time. We were both trying our best to avoid practicing, but Wesley begged my mom to let him learn. It’s a good thing she encouraged him to play and play and play, through all the years, because he is out of this world. Seriously.

The most amazing thing about Wesley is that he doesn’t just play the piano. He has a vision about what music can be used for, and what he wants to do with his music. He is passionate about the power of music, and recognizes it as a responsibility. He concerns himself with what he is doing with the music he plays. He is interested in making art. He is interested in inspiring feeling in others. And you will be kicking yourself if you miss out on seeing what he’s made of!

I can’t believe today’s the day! Wesley’s profile is the perfect one to end on, because I get to add that he’s been an amazing emotional support through this whole endeavor. Sometimes he just sees the stress written on my face and knows all I need is a good long hug. I can’t wait for you all to meet him and witness the magic that happen when he plays!


Liz Emirizan

Liz became interested in the project after hearing about it through Bartek and the Mojo Collective. They met at OCAD, where Liz majored in Illustration. She became interested in our show when it was still in its zygote phase, and I couldn’t resist showcasing her work. She is a stunning artist – her work speaks volumes, and can be appreciated on so many levels by a huge variety of audiences. Every time I look at one of her pieces I see something new or different, and that’s just a really wonderful experience.


Sunday Afternoon

I’m so excited that she’s joining our team! I know you’ll agree with me when you see her work for yourself this Friday evening!!

❤ Maddy

La Magnifique Madeleine Christie

Mado and I always had a point in common – we have the same name!

That made it easy to become friends, which we did during high school, at Collège français. She was also great friends with my younger brother, Wesley, because they both play the piano. Mado was always such a cool kid, and she’s only gotten cooler since then! I’ve got a clip of her playing a short piece by Debussy, but you really need to come to the show to hear the amazing things she has in store for us!

Madeleine Christie playing \”The Girl with the Flaxen Hair\” by Claude Debussy

❤ Maddy


Bernadette O’Sullivan is such a lovely young thing.

She’s got such a beautiful vision, and such verve when it comes to creating work. She creates work from a deep and sincere place, and taps into her technical background to make sure that the audience feels her message.

I met Bernadette quite a few years ago through friends – and I’m so glad that we managed to stay in touch because Birdy is really, really great. She has already been so involved in this project even though she’s still in school, studying Painting and Drawing at Concordia, in Montreal. She has also taken a huge interest in fiber art! She’ll be rushing to get here from Montreal on the day of the show, and you should be rushing to get here too! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to meet such a lovely young artist!

❤ Maddy

Mojo – a new collective

Bartek is Mishi’s brother, and I was about 11 when I first met him. I went to play at Mishi’s house all the time in my first few years of high school, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into! We used to fight like maniacs, the three of us, but Mishi and Bartek were (and still are) a huge part of my life. Bartek was the first to introduce me to a lot of music, and he taught me about fishing and other random hobbies. And to this day he shares his passions with me, and makes me laugh. We’ve become really great friends over the years, and I’m really happy to see him being passionate about what he does.

He’s recently embarked on an exciting new chapter, co-founding Mojo, a graphic design collective with three other OCAD graduates, Kyle Nielsen, Stephanie Simmons and Gareth Fowler.

Mojo is their creative refuge, a visual playground to explore, sharing toolsets, pulling together resources and collaborating with other designers and artists. They want to collaborate to create anything and everything, from dentists to drag queens!

I’m excited to see what they have to show us, and you should be excited too!

❤ Maddy

Marc-David Aubé-Frenette

Marc-David and I used to talk on the phone all the time back in Grade 7 and 8. He would tell me about all his problems and I would help him feel better. He used to call me his podiatrist.


We later learned that this is a term for a foot doctor, but at the time it was the endearing term that he chose to call me. We decided we’d redefine this word so he could refer to me as his confidante.



We covered all kinds of topics – mostly girls at first – and built the foundation for the long-lasting friendship we have today. We trust each other with our real selves, and that will never change.

Memoirs of a Geisha - Tara

He used to tell me about his hopes and dreams. And I am so excited to see him boom. He’s found passion in photography, and has run with it.

Peau D'Âne

He’s really interested in portraiture, but as you can see, that’s never interfered with his exploration!


I’m especially excited for what he’s got to show on September 16th, because he chose me as his subject!


Everyone who meets Marc-David feels that he is genuine. You can just tell he’s a guy with a lot of integrity. I have so much respect for this amazing artist, and I can’t wait for you to meet him too!

❤ Maddy

Jucelyn?? Who’s Jucelyn??

Grade 9 English class with Mr. Bartlett.

One of the first classes of the year.

Mr. B had written a few people’s names on the board for some reason, and his horrendous writing made the “o” in Jocelyn look like a “u”.

Sami, tactless as ever, says very loudly, “Jucelyn?? Who’s Jucelyn??” with emphasis on the Juice.

Jocelyn timidly raises her hand, “ummmm, yeah…. that’d be me..”

She joined the Collège français crew a couple of years later than a lot of us, but you’d never know it. She’s got the CF smile (:

Oh woops… here’s a more recent photo!

Jocelyn has recently fallen in complete love with photography, and is diving into her passion with her whole self. It’s really amazing to see what’s come of this devotion, and I’m so proud of her for all she’s accomplished!

The Reynolds Sibling Contact Sheet (Nicholas, Adrien, Jocelyn, Casey)

She takes really great, candid  portraits, but also likes to capture light in different settings.

Morning Dew


Bench on a Spring Day

Jocelyn has the most beautiful energy and you can feel it in her photos. She loves to capture the serene, and you’ll feel serene when you meet her for yourself on September 16th!

❤ Maddy