Megumi Kokuba

Megumi Kokuba was born in Okinawa, which is the most southern Island of Japan.

The landscape is breathtaking there and it is very warm.



Megumi studied ballet at Nanjyo Kikuko Ballet School since before she was two years old, and taught ballet classes throughout high school and junior college. She gained a lot of her performance experience through shows, festivals and ballet competitions in Okinawa. Megumi graduated from Okinawa Christian Junior College after studying a wide range of subjects including business, secretarial work, social anthropology and tourism. After much deliberation, she decided to follow her dream to become a professional dancer. She came across contemporary dance by chance and immediately felt a connection. She moved to Toronto in September 2009 to start her first year at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre’s Professional Training Program. She choreographed her solo KODOU for the school’s student choreography show in March 2010. Now in her third year, Megumi is challenging herself to rediscover her passion for dance in every moment of her training. With this new vigor, she feels lucky to be learning every day. Megumi was honoured to receive a tuition bursary from The School in 2010, and she is also happy to work as a teaching assistant in The School’s Young Dancers’ Program on Saturdays.



In the summer of 2011, she helped start her own dance collective with her lovely friends Madeleine Shen and Olivia Citter “Bare Neck and BrazenBare Neck and BrazenBare Neck and Brazen”. She is really excited to perform and create new things with this collective!


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