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Hiatus = over

Been a long time, been a long time, been long lonely,




lonely tiiiiiime!

So I guess suddenly a bunch of months have passed since that magical evening back in September 2011, that many of you joined us for. We still have a hard time believing that it was real, and can’t get over how much we loved bringing all of that art under one roof. We’re planning to make it an annual thing! An Evening of Art Collaboration will make a fierce and elegant comeback in the fall of this year (woah is it already 2012??).

In the meantime, we want to keep in touch with you and share our day-to-day explorations, as we continue to navigate this crazy dance world together. We’ll get some posts up at least once or twice a week about whatever it is that we’re fascinated about at the time. We’ll share some cool videos or articles, or just a thought of the day. We’d love to keep hearing from you, either in comments or via email. If something we bring up strikes a chord in you, we’d love to start a dialogue, and nerd-out about art with you!

Today me and Liv sat and talked about her piece for this course she’s taking in school called Choreographic Workshop. It’s essentially a creation-based course, where the final project is a dance piece as a part of a full-length show, showcasing the third years’ giant strides as artists. We talked a lot about how one of the most challenging tasks at this point is that of directing dancers when choreographing; trying to express what it is that you want or need to see in your dancers so that they understand it and can insert it into their own experience in the piece. Aiming to guide them to create their own voice and story within yours – phew! Challenging things to accomplish my friends!

Olivia has really been loving this process, and every time I talk to her about it, I become more awed at her passion and dedication to her artistry and to her dancer’s individuality. I’m so, so excited to see the final product, and feel blessed that I get to join her for little snapshots of this amazing journey she’s been going on! The Choreographic Workshop show, Butterfly in Bone – 18 Ways to Get There, is February 17th and 18th at 8pm at The Winchester Street Theatre, and you really will want to come out to see this extremely talented class in all their glory. I’ve heard rumour of some of the other pieces in the works, and I just know this will be a night of really well-crafted and inspiring movement and emotion.

❤ Maddy and Liv