Jucelyn?? Who’s Jucelyn??

Grade 9 English class with Mr. Bartlett.

One of the first classes of the year.

Mr. B had written a few people’s names on the board for some reason, and his horrendous writing made the “o” in Jocelyn look like a “u”.

Sami, tactless as ever, says very loudly, “Jucelyn?? Who’s Jucelyn??” with emphasis on the Juice.

Jocelyn timidly raises her hand, “ummmm, yeah…. that’d be me..”

She joined the Collège français crew a couple of years later than a lot of us, but you’d never know it. She’s got the CF smile (:

Oh woops… here’s a more recent photo!

Jocelyn has recently fallen in complete love with photography, and is diving into her passion with her whole self. It’s really amazing to see what’s come of this devotion, and I’m so proud of her for all she’s accomplished!

The Reynolds Sibling Contact Sheet (Nicholas, Adrien, Jocelyn, Casey)

She takes really great, candid  portraits, but also likes to capture light in different settings.

Morning Dew


Bench on a Spring Day

Jocelyn has the most beautiful energy and you can feel it in her photos. She loves to capture the serene, and you’ll feel serene when you meet her for yourself on September 16th!

❤ Maddy


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