Alessandra is megacool


She has a really rockin’ name too. Alessandra Herrera Bennett. Woah. Superstar!

Here she is in a beautiful purple dress that she made out of organic bamboo fabric!

Alessandra went to elementary school with my best friend, Nastassia, and somehow they knew, even then, that they would turn out to be the coolest people ever, so they stuck together. Alessandra used to come visit us at our high school sometimes, and people would ask if Alessandra and I were sisters… It’s sort of weird, since we don’t really look alike. Also I don’t have any sisters. But I guess we had similar, unusual styles, and we have similar energies (:

Anyways, Alessandra is really smart and mega talented in many domains. For example, she likes to draw.

She also is an amazing seamstress! We actually bonded most over sewing in our high school days, because we both had such an affinity for making our own clothing, just the way we wanted it to be!

We ended up at the same university, both studying engineering, and stayed really good friends throughout. Alessandra made all the costumes for the Engineering Skule Night production/play/musical/shit show that goes on every year, which is a huge and amazing undertaking in itself. She made this one really fantastic squirrel costume, with huge nuts. (haha, get it? nuts!)

This is our friend Pratik rocking the Squirrel costume for Halloween

We also co-ran an eco-friendly fashion show benefit for a youth education charity a couple years ago with this cool guy named Shaq and it was really awesome. It was called Growing Trends, and we were two of ten Toronto designers who showed their work that evening.

Alessandra is such a unique individual, and this is really apparent in her detailed and imaginative designs. She makes clothing and jewelry and accessories and so much more! She puts so much heart and soul into her work, and it really shows.

Alessandra's "Happy Molecules". Combining engineering and art (:

Each of her pieces is really special, and I can’t wait for you all to see what she’s got to offer in September!



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