Sarah Spice

I’m kidding. Her real name is Sarah McManus.

But it’s funny thinking back on my oldest memories of Sarah. We were little ones; playing with Barbies, dancing in talent shows, covering ourselves in glitter for reasons only known to us.. and you guessed it.. singing and dancing to Spice Girls. That was one of our favourite pastimes. Sarah was “Sporty Spice” and I was “Baby Spice”. We would spend hours upon hours of rehearsing the dances, posing for pictures (GIRL POWER!) and picking out our wardrobe.

   Oh man, those were the days.Thinking about those times makes me grin like a loser.

   But our days as young Spice Girl maniacs are long gone and since then, we both found a common love for art and went on to pursue these passions at Etobicoke School of the Arts. Sarah studied the cello for four years at ESA..        and may I just say she is a kick ass musician! But it was in 2007, at ESA where she discovered another passion of hers.. photography. Sarah fell in          love with the concept of documentary and urban photography. In September, Sarah will be showcasing photos taken in Brodeaux and Soulac Sur-Mer in the South of France.

Sarah puts every ounce of her soul into everything she does, and her stunning photos are no exception!


Even though all those memories seem so far away and we have grown up since then, it’s comforting to know that through all the change and tough years, Sarah and I have somehow ended up just where we began; best friends.

❤ Liv


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