Richard Wong really

has no idea how talented he is!

How did I meet Richard Wong?

I knew this really awesome girl named Jen Ma, in Engineering Science – we helped each other keep our sanity through undergrad. And one year I met Richard at her birthday party – they both moved from Hong Kong around the same time and went to the same High School in St. Catherine’s. And he had made her this incredible birthday card. It was so detailed, and crisp. His work is always so crisp. This card looked like he’d already prototyped eighteen versions of it, and had worked out all the kinks, and then made that one. But I know now that isn’t the case! Richard just has this incredible gift that I can’t wait to help him show off in September!

Richard does many things. Richard:

– blogs >> <<

He blogs about all kinds of cool things. My favourite is Nature Sundays. Every Sunday, he posts about a really cool animal. Oh wait that’s today! Yay for Nature Sundays!

– makes jewelry out of wood and other materials

Cube 2.0 (Made from Walnut wood)

– draws his friends nephews and neices

– makes paper art – he was even chosen as a finalist from a competition he entered to have his work sent to London for a gallery!

Richard's entry for the Colours' Attack Contest

– designs architecture, and creates scale models of his designs

– has really awesome hair

– plays the piano

– made our posters!!

Richard is sure to be showing some more mind-blowing beauty at our show in September, so be there to see it for yourself!

❤ Maddy


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