Nikolai Berda = Awesome

Nik is one cool cat. Just take a look at those dimples.

He keeps it real.

He also makes really awesome art!

I became friends with Nikolai in grade nine at Etobicoke School of the Arts. Since then he has moved on to study Industrial Design at Ontario College of Art and Design University. Over the years I have had the privilege to see Nik’s art grow and change with him, which is really something special.

Nik’s current work encompasses his beliefs in the art-making process – not letting anything go to waste. He believes a great deal in re-using and recycling materials and re-purposing them into new, ready to use medium. ‘Do it yourself’ is the core principle with which he makes his work.

He also makes his own paper.

Not only is Nik an awesome artist, he’s one of the most HILARIOUS people I’ve ever met. Seriously. He always comes up with these hysterical one liners.. which of course causes me to laugh until my face turns blue and tears are streaming down my face.. which rocks. I love that.

When you come and meet him at our show in September I’m sure he will have a similar effect on you!

*Note: Nik also does front flips.

❤ Liv


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