The Lovely Lara Roberts

Lovely Lara!

The world knows her as Lara, but to me she will always be Squash. I don’t know how it started, but somehow, since we met in Grade 9, we decided to nickname one another Squash. Both of us are Squash. I’m not sure why, but it’s stuck. Much like she stuck to my heart when I met her. You’ll see, when you meet her too, she’s super sweet and charismatic, and has one of the most angelic faces I’ve ever had the pleasure of staring at!! It’s funny though, because in school she would always get all the damsel in distress roles, the pretty wallflower, or the innocent bystander, halo overhead. When you get to know her, as I have, she’s actually crazy, in the best way possible. She also loves nature – you’ll often see her climbing trees, or picking up random leaves, flowers, and sticking them in her hair.

Not only is Lara a glowing person, and captivating dancer, she also makes jewelry, paints, draws, and makes sculptures. At our show in September, she will be showcasing and selling her beautiful jewelry. She was inspired to start creating jewelry when she met a glass bead maker in Nova Scotia, and was awestruck by the beauty and art in just a couple of small beads. Since then she has poured her love into making unique pieces, specializing in earrings, and hopes that they will find a good home! I have a pair of earrings that she gave to me as gift and they make me feel like a princess when I wear them, and so very, very loved!

Lara's beautiful work, waiting for a new loving home!

A fun fact about Lara:

She was once half a dragon for halloween (I was the other half).

❤ Liv





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