Agnieszka “Mishi” Foltyn


The name Mishi often gets a double-take.

“This is my friend Mishi’s art work”


“Yes, Mishi

“… Oh, okay, Mishi.”

But her actual name gets more like a triple or quadruple take, so I guess it’s a good thing it stuck when I started calling her that back when we were 10 years old!

Mishi and I met at the National Ballet School, when we were 9, just before heading to high school at Le Collège français. I was so relieved to know someone at my new school in the new big city of Toronto, that I clung to her like glue. We were inseparable for years. It makes me feel so proud to see what a brave and bold artist she’s become.

Mishi has her art at several galleries, and has participated in pretty much every Nuit Blanche since it started, with amazing installations including dance!

A couple years ago, she organized a masquerade in the park in Montreal that I volunteered at, and it was a huge success. There were hundreds of masks that people could wear and play with, and children were invited to create their own masks, with the help of Mishi and the volunteer artists helpers!

Her art is very diverse, and she spends time experimenting with an idea, or a new media, and never shies away from trying something over and over in different ways to find intricacies and details in her work. I’m excited to see what she’ll be showcasing at the Bare Neck and Brazen show this year!

❤ Maddy

Mish and I at one of her galleries

Mishi and I at the masquerade - I'm the Breakfast

Mishi's art installation with dance

The famous pigeons - Mishi loves pigeons.


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