Anjuli Rahaman is magical.

She must be magical. This is the only explanation I can come up with!

I’ve known Anjuli since we were little angsty teens in grade 9, and I’ve got to see her grow into an empowered and unique artist in so many ways. It feels really special to know talented people like this one, and to know where they came from!

Anjuli and Jocelyn!

Actually, it is sort of interesting to talk about where we came from, because a few of the other artists showcasing work at the Bare Neck and Brazen show in September also came from the same place. We went to this small french high school called Le Collège français in downtown Toronto. And even though the school tried hard to be an academically driven school, offered the International Baccalaureate program and intensive math courses, we all deviated from that course in our own way. Many of us followed up with a Bachelor’s degree in something or other, but we’ve all found our way back to the arts. I always hear that people lose touch with their high school friends, but it seems for most of my graduating class that we’ve remained in each other’s orbit. Proof of that is that the only photo I could find of Anjuli not making some hilarious face or another is this one, with Jocelyn, one of the CF crew, and one of our very talented artists!

Anji is currently building an installation located between the second and third dimension. The canvas-sculpture is a harmony of yielding and resistant textures; the pliable and the rigid, the positive and the negative, the present and the absent.

In this work, the models for the casts become at once the canvas and the product.


You’ll have to come to our show to see these amazing beauties in real life! It’s really something you won’t want to miss out on!

❤ Maddy


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