I guess we all love bacon

So, welcome to our blog!

Who are we? We are Madeleine Shen, Olivia Citter and Megumi Kokuba, and we are Bare Neck and Brazen. We all love bacon, so I guess that’s a good starting point. We also love dance and want to include you on our journey into the confusing world of dance artists.

To me, so far, it seems there is no “one way” of getting to wherever it is you’re going in the dance sphere. Variation in paths exist in other professions too, don’t get me wrong, but I guess it seems more laid out in fields such as medicine, or law, or engineering. Undergrad –> Masters –> PhD –> Job! Or something along those lines. There are guidebooks and tests that tell you whether you’re ready and what step to take next. The map in the dance world seems more abstract – probably because it’s ever-changing and growing, and half of the fun is trying to find new paths to follow.

So here we are, at the threshold of our young adult lives, hopeful and overly honest, excited to dive into our own new paths. Of course we each have our own separate paths, but we’ve chosen to cross some new land together, exploring our relationships with one another and with dance, and by pooling our very different resources. We’re glad you’re reading this, and we hope you’ll get to know us as people as well as dancers/performers/artists in the process. So bear with us in our informalities and (I’m sure, many) late night postings, you’re in for an interesting voyage!

❤ Maddy


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